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Available: ~5500g (Alliance & Horde)

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Update 23rd February 2021:
While Hellground is long gone, we still have people browsing this site seeking information for it. If you are playing TBC on the new Burning Crusade Classic realms, use our Gold4Vanilla partner site if looking to buy either: gold for WoW TBC, WoW TBC Powerleveling, WoW TBC Boost, WoW TBC Accounts. Our parent site Vanilla.Games is back for TBC Classic WoW as well as wowtbcgold!

Wargate TBC Gold Packages

100 Gold
€4.95 EUR (about $5.65 USD)

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150 Gold
€7.43 EUR (about $8.07 USD)

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200 Gold
€9.90 EUR (about $10.6 USD)

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300 Gold
€14.85 EUR (about $16.1 USD)

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400 Gold
€19.80 EUR (about $21.2 USD)

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500 Gold
€24.75 EUR (about $26.9 USD)

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750 Gold
€37.13 EUR (about $40.3 USD)

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1000 Gold
€49.50 EUR (about $53.0 USD)

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1500 Gold
€74.25 EUR (about $79.5 USD)

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2000 Gold
€99.00 EUR (about $106 USD)

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Update: 2nd June 2021: List of services for all WoW TBC Classic NA servers: Anathema Alliance Gold / Arcanite Reaper Alliance Gold / Arugal Alliance Gold / Ashkandi Alliance Gold / Atiesh Alliance Gold / Azuresong Alliance Gold / Benediction Alliance Gold / Bigglesworth Alliance Gold / Blaumeux Alliance Gold / Bloodsail Buccaneers Alliance Gold / Deviate Delight Alliance Gold / Earthfury Alliance Gold / Faerlina Alliance Gold / Fairbanks Alliance Gold / Felstriker Alliance Gold / Grobbulus Alliance Gold / Heartseeker Alliance Gold / Herod Alliance Gold / Herod Alliance Gold / Kirtonos Alliance Gold / Kromcrush Alliance Gold / Kurinnaxx Alliance Gold / Loatheb Alliance Gold / Mankrik Alliance Gold / Myzrael Alliance Gold / Netherwind Alliance Gold / Old Blanchy Alliance Gold / Pagle Alliance Gold / Rattlegore Alliance Gold / Remulos Alliance Gold / Skeram Alliance Gold / Smolderweb Alliance Gold / Stalagg Alliance Gold / Sulfuras Alliance Gold / Sul'thraze Alliance Gold / Thalnos Alliance Gold / Thunderfury Alliance Gold / Westfall Alliance Gold / Whitemane Alliance Gold / Windseeker Alliance Gold / Yojamba Alliance Gold /

Update: 28th June 2019: We are no longer providing services for Hellfire as the server is discontinued. We are providing services for Classic WoW RP Gold now, especially for people looking for PvE Powerleveling Classic WoW

Update 12th May 2017:
At the moment, we offer best prices for the realm. 100g now costs only €4.95, which is almost x2 decrease in cost. We apologize for not being able to timely update our website as we were busy with developing the site for Warmane's Outland server.

Update 21th April 2017:
The server economy starts to become more stable, hence we lowered our Wargate gold package prices. Accounts are available, too.

Update 11th April 2017:
The old Hellground server was shut down few days after it's launch and is now available again as the Wargate Project. Gold is available for both factions, with limited packages for the time being.

Hellground WoW is the fresh re-release of the older Hellground 2.4.3 TBC (The Burning Crusade) WoW Server. This new one, is aimed at the international community, and was under development for several months.
Our website, Gold4Hellground, was launched to lend a hand to every player that might need the precious gold currency on this amazing realm. Our gold is handfarmed by our local team and our network of partners, who are always carefully selected for ultimate security.

If you are a gold farmer, please take a look at this page. If you haven't purchased before, you might want to see this how things work.

FAQ - for using Gold4Hellground services

1. How long does the gold delivery take?

- We are providing services for almost any private server you can think of, for several years. We strive to deliver as fast as possible, usually within minutes of your payment.

2. Is the Hellground gold price balanced?

- The price is balanced at the moment. Please note that this a TBC 2.4.3 realm, not Legion-WoW - gold farming takes hours. The prices will be lowered as the realm progresses and farming gold becomes an easier task for us.

3. Is the gold trading safe on Wargate/Hellground?

- All precautions are taken before we deliver the gold to you. We knows some tips for ultimate safe gold-trading, it's how we remained in business for all private servers through the years.

4. What is your Refund Policy?

- We have one and only Refund Policy: if we fail to deliver your purchased gold within a day (24 hours), we will send you a refund - no questions asked, just shoot an e-mail to

Gold4Hellground Testimonials

In love with my new Wargate Hunter

Edgar Roice wowia**** (20th April '17)

In love with my new Hunter! Thank you - I am always lazy to level an account by myself!

Most convenient Wargate gold website

Joseph Mielnicki mielnick**** (14th April '17)

The most convenient website for buying gold! No hassle, got the gold as stated!

150g for Wargate Shammy Boost

Martin Stamper martin2015**** (10th April '17)

Glad because the same team still sells gold on Wargate. Received my 150g to boost my shammy :)

It's expensive but i made a purchase (previous server release)

Paw Holmberg pawwsom**** (10th March '17)

Oh well, kinda expensive but i had to buy. 500g were traded to me as agreed with Gold4Hellground

Tempted to buy (previous server release)

Nicolas Citron citrone999** (10th March '17)

I was tempted to buy and so i did - the gold was delivered exactly as stated!

Desperate need for AH items (previous server release)

Aristotelis Xanthopoulos aristo**** (19th October '16)

I am always against buying gold on private servers, but had a desperate need for obtaining few items of the AH hehe. Thank you!

Fast Flying Mount Help (previous server release)

Kim Richard happyhome88**** (25th August '16)

Farming gold for fast flying mount is painful. Thanks for lending a hand.

Face2Face trade in Orgrimmar (previous server release)

Nikola Brodowsky brodow**** (3rd July '16)

Thanks for making gold buying an enjoyable process. E-mail Gold4Hellground before making my purchase and received the gold as directed.

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Email: Skype: Vision7Gaming

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